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About this website

On this website you will find wildlife and nature images which I made on my travels to Southern Africa and in Europe. The website is focussed on showcasing my photography portfolio through various photo galleries. Access to my portfolio images is provided through the Image Portfolio menu item in the main menu. You can access the main menu by selecting the menu button located next to the search icon on the top-right corner of this page.

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Image information

I have provided both the common and scientific names in the title of all the images. The title appears when you hover your mouse over an image in a portfolio. When you select an image in a portfolio it will be opened in a Lightbox. On the image in the Lightbox the technical information of the image will be shown. This information includes the camera body model, shutter speed and aperture, ISO setting and focal length used.

Searching for images

You can use the search function to search for images. Using this function you can search for common names, scientific names and technical information or a combination of these terms. The search function will search for the combination of all search terms (AND search). If no matches are found it will automatically search for any of the search terms (OR search). In the search results the common name, scientific name, technical information and a thumbnail will be shown. When you select a search result it will be shown in a Lightbox with all the other search results.

Photographic destinations

On my various trips to Africa I visited most of the major national parks. Select the Photography Destinations menu item from the main menu to see my favourite destinations in both Europe and Southern Africa.

Update to this website

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If you have any questions then please use the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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